curb appealAdd Curb Appeal — Cleaning up the yard, get a new welcome mat, have the old negligent car towed, maybe paint the front door. If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone — including potential homebuyers — will want to see what’s inside.

De-Clutter — this is a great time to pack up the Star Wars Action Figures and the collection of ceramic roosters. In fact, if it’s sitting out and you aren’t going to need it in the next 6 weeks, pack it! Some agents tell people to take down the pictures too; the object of staging is to make the place seem like it could be their home, not yours. Nobody’s going to give you a hard time about a few boxes in the garage or spare bedroom; you’re moving!

Clean — Just keep things nice. Consider renting a carpet steamer. It’s ok to shove stuff in the closet when you hear that buyers are coming.

Good Smells — A tube of chocolate chip cookie dough is less than $3 and will make your home smell fantastic! Good smells can make buyers feel like an alluring home.

Minor Repairs — Do obvious stuff before it goes in the MLS or FSBO. If a prospective buyer notices 2 things wrong, they will start wondering what else is wrong.

Lighting — When buyers are coming, turn on all the lights and open all the blinds.

source: Chandler Cash Home Buyers